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Drinking & Eating




New Zealand's drinking water is amongst the purest in the world and tap water is quite safe to drink anywhere in the country. For any water collected from streams, lakes or rivers we recommend that it is boiled before consumption to avoid any chance of contracting Giardia (a stomach infection).

New Zealand offers a wonderful variety of cuisine's from many nations (especially in the larger towns and cities).The local food is based around quality and freshness with many ingredients sourced locally. We have gained an international reputation for our fresh, creative and innovative cuisine with prices being quite reasonable. The New Zealand Hotel and Restaurant trade is closely monitored by the NZ Government Health Department which maintains the quality and hygiene at a very high level.

Is not expected and is an optional choice if you think it has been earned (between 5% and 10% would be the standard practice).

Average costs for Food and Beverages:


$2.50 to $4.00

Breakfast - Café
Breakfast - Hotel

$10 to $15 p/p
$15 to $25 p/p

Lunch - Café

$8 to $20 p/p

Lunch - Restaurant

$12 to $25 p/p

Dinner - Café

$15 to $22

Dinner - Restaurant

$18 to $35

Bottle of Wine - Café

$20 to $40

Bottle of Wine - Restaurant

$25 to $50

Glass of beer, wine, double spirits:

Public Bar - $5 to $7
Lounge Bar - $6 to $10
Quality Hotel Bar - $9 to $12+

Drinking & Eating in New Zealand

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