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Safety in New Zealand

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Safety in New Zealand


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How safe is New Zealand for travellers?
By International standards, New Zealand is a relatively safe and friendly country in which to travel. However, like anywhere else, caution at night should be exercised and keeping to the well lit areas of towns and cities is a practical and common sense approach to take. If you wish to travel some distance at night, a taxi would be a good safe option.

Do not leave valuables unattended and, if travelling by car/campervan keep valuables out of sight when your vehicle is unattended.

Hitch Hiking
Hitch hiking in New Zealand is becoming less popular but compared to many countries, is still relatively safe. However, we would not recommend hitch hiking on your own.

Water Safety
New Zealand is surrounded by water and has many beautiful sandy beaches which make swimming and water sports a delight. This is especially true on the east coast which, in general, is more sheltered and safer for swimming (especially by keeping between the flags on beaches which are patrolled by qualified Surf Life saver patrols). The West coast is part of the Tasman Sea and this coastline is exposed to nature's elements. Strong currents and rips are a fact of life here so caution when swimming or surfing (which is usually very good on this coast) is required.


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