New Zealand Motorhomes and New Zealand Campervans

Finding a motorhome in New Zealand can be a frustrating and time consuming task. If it isn't all the little extras and hidden costs that confuse you, its the endless computer generated booking engines that confirm your request before avaliablilty has been confirmed! 

Let us do the hard work for you. we will: 

  • Personally check with all of our quality New Zealand motorhome companies for availability and pricing. 
  • Will put 'on hold' any vehicles that you are considering.
  • Provide New Zealand based suppport and advice at any stage of your Motorhome travel or campervan travel planning. 
  • Provide recommendations based on an indepth knowledge across all of our suppliers vehicle options. 
  • Make the motorhome booking for you and ensure you don't fall into any of the easy traps associated with motorhome rentals. 
  • Be fast! and FREE

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Extra More info on New Zealand Motorhomes and Campervan Rentals.

New Zealand Motorhomes & New Zealand Campervans: With hundreds of holiday and accommodation parks throughout New Zealand, Motorhomes & Campervans are a practical and popular way to travel.

They are ideal for those who like a certain level of independence and prefer to plan their own itinerary. You can simply drive until you find somewhere to stay, or camp out for a few days, relax a little and explore the local area.
Campervan rentals vary according to season and are based on unlimited kilometres per day. Other costs include insurance, and a bond that is refundable if all terms and conditions are met. For summer hire, it is essential to book well ahead before arriving in New Zealand.

Here is a great site offering useful information for holiday parks in New Zealand New Zealand Holiday Parks.

General motorhome rental durations would be as follows:

  • 5 - 20 days
  • 21 - 27 days
  • 28+ days

General pick up or drop off points for Motorhomes & Campervans are from New Zealand's main cities & some other locations, some of these are:

  • Auckland
  • Wellington
  • Picton
  • Christchurch
  • Queenstown

Standard rentals usually include:

  • Unlimited kilometres
  • Standard Excess Insurance Cover
  • Nationwide road side assistance

General Information

  • To hire New Zealand Motorhomes driver's must be a minimum of 21 years of age and hold a current non-probationary drivers license from their home country.
  • New Zealander's drive on the left-hand side of the road. Maximum speed limits in towns and cities are 50km/h (30mph) and 100km/h (60mph) on the open road, unless signs indicate alternative speeds.
  • Vehicles can only be driven on sealed/bitumen or access roads.
  • For most New Zealand motorhomes additional Excess Reduction Insurance is available to minimise the excess or waive the excess